PGIM Fixed Income offers institutional investors needs-based solutions across the fixed income markets, with a focus on credit strategies and liability-driven investing. We manage $652 billion in assets (as of June 30, 2016) with portfolio management and research teams located in Newark, NJ (U.S.), and in our affiliated offices in London, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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Key Fault Lines in the Global Earthquake Zone

In the past two decades, failures in two major systemic areas of the developed market economies–macroeconomic and policy–have created a third major fault line–political risk. By itself, each area carries the potential to create financial volatility, but they tend to be far more potent when they act together. These three ground faults are the key to our most serious future financial risks.  Download the PDF

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Gregory Peters Appears on CNBC's Street Signs Discussing 4th Quarter Fixed Income Outlook.

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Tipp Discusses If Overzealous Monetary Policy Is To Blame For Recent Market Volatility

The Global Credit Cycle

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4th Quarter Market Outlook

This quarter, we take a look at how the positive returns in Q3 differ from those in the first half of the year amid the evolution in monetary policies. On the economic front, we provide some insight into the slowing economic growth in developed economies in contrast to the recent growth acceleration in the emerging markets. We also take a look at upcoming political risks.  (October 2016)

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Central Banks of the World: Yield to the Markets!

While some may blame the past year's market volatility on China‚Äôs economic slowdown, falling commodity prices, or more recently Brexit, this paper discusses the possible culpability of overzealous monetary policy. We consider this possibility, where policies may be headed next, and why this backdrop may be good for the bond market. (August, 2016)

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